LGBTQIA+ Hymns and Worship Songs, Part 2

Click on any title for a YouTube video except where otherwise noted. Where multiple videos exist, they are all included on the YouTube videos page.

"Oh, Jesus Had Two Fathers" is a hymn-lullaby for kids of same-sex parents. 
"Queerly Beloved" is an exultant gathering/opening hymn. 
"Shake the Dust Off Your Sandals" is a hymn about going where our gifts are welcome. No video exists for this hymn.
"Testament to Love" is a hymn about rejection and acceptance. No video exists for this hymn.
"Today, We Come with Heavy Hearts" is a confessional hymn about the sin of self-hatred. No video exists for this hymn.
"We Are Setting the Rainbow Table" is a Communion hymn with LGBTQIA+ people in mind.
"We Asked for Fish" is a hymn about open hearts and closed doors. No video exists for this hymn.
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