YouTube Videos

YouTube videos for my songs and hymns are are listed alphabetically below. I have only included videos for which the musical quality is appropriate for worship broadcasting. Below the videos of hymns, rounds, and worship songs I have posted a couple of sermons, podcast interviews, and other public talks. Please email me at if you would like a video sent to you without the additional complications of YouTube.

Above All Else
All of Us Are Loved [recorded as Affirmation]
All of Who I Am
A choral version of All of Us Are Loved
A languid pop version of All of Us Are Loved
As You Go on Your Way
Blessed Are the Poor
Bound to Love
Brave Spirit, Make Us Brave
Bringing in the Harvest
Church is More than Just a Building
Church is More than Just a Building (alternate video)
Church is the Way We Live
The Church Where Love Lives
Consider the Lilies
The Creatures We Love
The Day that I Die
The Day We Are Given
Days of Rage and Days of Hope (hymn version)
Days of Rage and Days of Hope (1960s pop version)
Depend on You
The Difference
Do All the Good You Can
Every Last One
Everything Remains
The Fast that Love Has Chosen
Fearfully, Wonderfully Made
Find Your Music
For a Faith
For the Weaving of Our Lives
For the Weaving of Our Lives (a cappella)
God, the Soaring Eagle (traditional)
God, the Soaring Eagle (pop arrangement)
Hell is a Human Invention
History and Mystery
Hope Waits for Us at Advent
Humble Humanist
In the Breaking of the Bread
Into the Gray
Jesus the Essential Worker
Just Such a Time as This
Justice and Joy
The Kingdom of God is the Queerest of Nations
The Light Comes as a Rainbow
The Light Comes as a Rainbow (pop version)
Love Comes to Us at Christmas
Love Had a Dream
The Manger is Stranger
A Mile in Your Shoes
Mother Earth, Beloved Garden
Now as You Leave this Assembly of Lovers
Oh, My Shepherd
A Prayer (after Jesus)
Queerly Beloved
Rebuilding Starts with Weeping [solo]
Rebuilding Starts with Weeping [choir]
Spirit, Gracious Spirit
Spirit, Gracious Spirit (alternate video)
The Spirit is Moving
Spirit of Community
Spirit of Justice, Spirit of Kindness
Spirit of Love
Two Processions: A Palm Sunday Hymn
Vote Your Dream
We Are Gathered
We Are Gathered (alternate video)
We Are Setting the Rainbow Table
We Belong to One Another
We Give Thanks in Hard Times
We Will Rest
Welcome to the Manger
When Christmas Brings More Pain than Joy
When Jesus Set His Table
Who Is My Neighbor?

Other Videos

Sermon:  The Promise of All Lives Mattering (on US racism, from 2015; if I were delivering the sermon today, I would title it "The Promise of Black Lives Mattering")
Human Flourishing and Social Inequality: a 2015 lecture at Colorado College
Four Songs: a short concert given immediately following the 2015 lecture just above.
This Moment in Music with Hal Walker, Episode 10 (2020)
Song of the Soul podcast (2020) [not a YouTube video, a website link]
Online Ministry Mastermind podcast (2020) [not a YouTube video, a website link]
Future Christian podcast from 2020
Sermon: Revolutionary Love for Building Beloved Community (High Plains Church UU, February 14, 2021)
A Holy Discomfort: The Spiritual Work of Singing Welcome (a sectional for the 2021 conference of the Hymn Society in the US and Canada, delivered June 24, 2021)