Other Worship Music, Part 1

"Above All Else" is a simple prayer inspired by the writing of Brian McLaren.
"All of Us Are Loved" is a brief doxology-style hymn with an optional Spanish verse.
"As You Go on Your Way" is a closing hymn or sending-out piece.
"Church is More than Just a Building" (Hyfrydol tune) was written as a COVID-19 resource but can be used more broadly.
"Church Is the Way We Live" was also written as a COVID-19 resource but can be used more broadly.
"The Church Where Love Lives" was inspired by the United Methodist Church Western Jurisdiction inclusion campaign.
"Comfort, Comfort" is a new text for the chorale that is part of "Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring."
"The Day We Are Given" is best used as an opening hymn. The "all scores" page also has a score just with the refrain.
"Depend on You" is a pop song about the love we can depend on even in times of upheaval.
"Do All the Good You Can" is a short closing hymn or sending-out piece based on the famous John Wesley quote."
Everyone is Worthy" is an up-tempo chant and is best with lots of percussion.
"Faith of Metaphor and Mystery (text by Bronwyn Angela White) is a celebration of progressive Christianity.
"For a Faith" is a Gospel-style celebration of progressive religion.
"History and Mystery" considers tradition, wonder, and the moving of the Spirit.
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