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"Bound to Love" considers our connections and our gifts.
“Come Hope: An Advent Round” is, as described, an Advent round.
"Filled with Loving-Kindness" is based on a traditional Buddhist meditation. No video currently exists for this round.
"Here There is Wholeness" is appropriate for many kinds of worship settings.
"Justice and Joy" is about the fruits of our labors.
 "Justice Round" draws on several Biblical texts about justice.
"May I Be an Instrument" is based on Saint Francis' prayer and would be appropriate for a blessing of the animals service or any other service about St. Francis.
"Peace Prayer" is exactly what it sounds like.
"The Spirit is Moving" expresses our trust that the spirit of goodness, kindness, love and holiness is at work in us.
"Spirit of Justice, Spirit of Kindness" is inspired by Micah 6:8.
"Thank You/Send Me" is a round of gratitude and service. No video currently exists for this round.
"Weep Like Rachel" is a round of mourning for children killed by gun violence.
"What Are We Called to Do" is based on Mark 12:28-34. No video currently exists for this round.
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