Other Worship Music, Part 2

"Just Such a Time as This" was inspired by Esther 4 and written for the COVID-19 pandemic but is useful in any time of challenge. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Love, When It Seems that You're Far Away" is an Iona Community-style song about hope in times of despair.
"Now, as You Leave This Assembly of Lovers" is a Biblically-based closing or sending-out hymn.
"A Prayer (after Jesus)" was inspired by the Lord's Prayer but uses more broadly accessible, non-creedal language.
"Rooted and Grounded in Love" is a Gospel-style affirmation of faith and our call in times of challenge.
"Spirit, Gracious Spirit" combines a Taize-like text, a folk tune, and a jazz accompaniment. Find a YouTube video here and here.
"Spirit of Love" is a Gospel-style prayer. A YouTube video can be found here.
"We Will Rest" is a gentle song of gratitude and commitment to self-care in overwhelming times. Find a YouTube video here.
"What a Wondrous Day" is a Gospel-style celebration of the Principles of Unitarian Universalism. 
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