Other Worship Music, Part 2

Click on any title for a YouTube video except where otherwise noted. Where multiple videos exist, they are all included on the YouTube videos page.

"Just Such a Time as This" was inspired by Esther 4 and written for the COVID-19 pandemic but is useful in any time of challenge. 
"Love the Stranger" is a verse with hymn-style music that can be sung repetitively for meditation. No video exists for this verse.
"Love, When It Seems that You're Far Away" is an Iona Community-style song about hope in times of despair. A video should be available soon.
"Love's Wonder" is a short, folk-style song about how love works in us and how we manifest love.
"Maker of All: A Sung Response to the Lord's Prayer" sets elements of that prayer in contemporary language, using a simple, repeating tune with a small range.
"Now, as You Leave This Assembly of Lovers" is a biblically based closing or sending-out hymn.
"Persistent Love, Enduring Hope" is a hymn text inspired by Philippians 3:11-14 and best sung to Amazing Grace.
"A Prayer (after Jesus)" was inspired by the Lord's Prayer but uses more broadly accessible, non-creedal language. 
"Rooted and Grounded in Love" is a Gospel-style affirmation of faith and our call during times of challenge.
"Sing the World that God Imagines" (original music) was originally inspired by a Hymn Society conference theme. Here is another version of the video. You may prefer to pair "Sing the World that God Imagines" with the Ode to Joy.
"So Great a Cloud of Witnesses" re-envisions Hebrews 11 and 12 with a social justice focus. 
"Spirit, Gracious Spirit" combines a Taize-like text, a folk tune, and a jazz accompaniment.
"Spirit of Community," co-written with Spencer LaJoye, was originally written for an ordination but can be used as a prayer in multiple worship contexts.
"Spirit of Love" is a Gospel-style prayer. 
“Teacher Jesus, Source of Knowledge” expands on 1 Peter 3:15 to praise the process of learning.
"We Are Gathered" (to the tune of Nettleton) was written for use in virtual worship. Since some congregations continue to carry out hybrid worship, I am keeping this hymn text available. A score, recordings, and videos are available on the "All Scores," "All Recordings," and "YouTube Videos" pages.
"We Belong to One Another" is a hymn about interdependence, set to the tune Nettleton.
“We Labor in a Garden” is a worship song about the work we do toward making Love's Dream a reality.  The “full score” version includes solos for oboe, flute, and clarinet.
"We Who Have Gathered Today" is a verse appropriate for the opening of worship. It can be sung in unison once or repeated as desired. There is no video available for this verse.
"We Will Go Out in Love!" is a sending-out song appropriate for progressive Chistian congregations.
"We Will Rest" is a gentle song of gratitude and commitment to self-care in overwhelming times.
"What a Wondrous Day" is a Gospel-style celebration of the Principles of Unitarian Universalism.
With What Shall We Approach You?” is a song of repentance, and a commitment to do justice.
"Within God's Great Economy" is a hymn text inspired by Matthew 14:13-21 and Acts 4:32-37, celebrating abundance and generosity.
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