Other Songs

This page includes some recordings from Amanda's last album, Rejoice! Songs and Hymns, for which scores are not yet available. Contact Amanda to request scores for those songs.

"All of Who I Am" is a gentle song about self-acceptance.
"All that We Need" celebrates the ways that we are taking care of each other during the COVID-19 pandemic."
"Bringing in the Harvest" celebrates the healing work we do in community. YouTube video here.
"Consider the Lilies" reflects on our busy lives and the toll they take. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Find Your Music" celebrates our abundance and best selves. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Grace" is a reminder about what is good during hard times. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Grateful" gives thanks for - what else? - gratitude.
"Hell Is a Human Invention" treats the theological argument for universal salvation - with a tango! YouTube video here.
"Little Baby, Soon to Join Us" would be appropriate for a baby shower or liturgy for expectant parents.
"Love Her Before You Judge Her" addresses the need for compassion for women who stay in abusive relationships.
"A Mile in Your Shoes" invites us to choose empathy and compassion. Find the YouTube video here.
"Rejoice" reminds us of the many occasions to rejoice, right here, right now. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Rest Now, Rest Easy" is a song to be sung in hospice settings.
"We Give Thanks in Hard Times" is a Thanksgiving song for challenging periods. A YouTube video can be found here; you may need to restart this video from the beginning.
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