Musical Styles of Material

As another way to work through the materials on this website, I'm listing pieces by musical style, along with the subpage where their score and/or recording can be found. Rounds are not included in the below list.

Folk/Country Music
Bringing in the Harvest (Other Songs)
Christmas Star (Church Season Music)
The Difference (Justice Music)
Find Your Music (Other Songs)
Grace (Other Songs)
Jesus the Essential Worker (COVID-19 Resources, Justice Music)
We Give Thanks in Hard Times (Other Songs)
Welcome to the Manger (Church Season Music)

Gospel Music
The Church Where Love Lives (Other Worship Music #1)
For a Faith (Other Worship Music #1)
From Our Abundance We Give (Other Worship Music #1)
Rooted and Grounded in Love (Other Worship Music #2)
Spirit, Gracious Spirit (Other Worship Music #2)
Spirit of Love (Church Season Music, Other Worship Music #2)
We Are Setting the Rainbow Table (Communion Hymns, LGBTQ+ Music #2)
What a Wondrous Day (Other Worship Music #2)

Hymn Texts with Traditional Music
Church is More than Just a Building (Hyfrydol; COVID-19 Resources, Other Worship Music #1)
Comfort, Comfort (tune of Jesu, Joy of Our Desiring Chorale; Other Worship Music #1)
For the Weaving of Our Lives (Dix; Other Worship Music #1)
God Speaks Today (Ar Hyd Y Nos; Other Worship Music #1)
The Kingdom of God is the Queerest of Nations (Kremser; LGBTQ+ Music #1; version with original music available on the All Scores and All Recordings pages)
Little Baby, Soon to Join Us (Hyfrydol; Other Songs)
Now Our Voices Join Together (Nettleton; COVID-19 Resources)
Rebuilding Starts with Weeping (Bach Passion Chorale suggested; Justice Music)
Sing the World that God Imagines (Hymn to Joy; Other Worship Music #2)
We Are Gathered (Nettleton; COVID-19 Resources)
We Belong to One Another (Nettleton; Other Worship Music #2)

European Hymn-Inspired Music
Church is the Way We Live (COVID-19 Resources, Other Worship Music #1)
The Day We Are Given (Other Worship Music #1)
Days of Rage and Days of Hope: a Pride Hymn (LGBTQ+ Music #1)
Deliver Us to Evil (Justice Music)
Faith of Metaphor and Mystery (Other Worship Music #1)
Fearfully, Wonderfully Made (LGBTQ+ Music #1)
God, the Soaring Eagle (LGBTQ+ Music #1)
History and Mystery (Other Worship Music #1)
If the Prophets Lived Today (Justice Music)
Jesus Called Lazarus (LGBTQ+ Music#1)
The Manger is Stranger (Church Season Music)
Now, As You Leave This Assembly of Lovers (Other Worship Music #2)
Oh, Jesus Had Two Fathers (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
Once Jesus Loved a Rich Man (Justice Music)
Proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord (Justice Music)
Queerly Beloved (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
Shake the Dust off Your Sandals (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
Testament to Love (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
Today, We Come with Heavy Hearts (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
Two Processions (Church Season Music)
We Asked for Fish (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
We Will Not Curse what God Has Blessed (LGBTQ+ Music #2)
When Christmas Brings More Pain than Joy (Church Season Music)
When Jesus Set His Table (Communion Hymns)

Pop Music
Above All Else: A Prayer (Other Worship Music #1)
All of Us Are Loved (Other Worship Music #1)
All of Who I Am (Other Songs)
All that We Need (COVID-19 Resources; Other Songs)
As You Go On Your Way (Other Worship Music #1)
Blessed Are the Poor (LGBTQ+ Music #1)
Brave Spirit, Make Us Brave (Other Worship Music #1)
The Creatures We Love (Church Season Music)
Depend on You (Other Worship Music #1)
Do All the Good You Can (Other Worship Music #1)
Every Last One (Other Songs)
Everything Remains (Justice Music)
The Fast that Love Has Chosen (Church Season Music)
A Gift for the Altar (LGBTQ+ Music #1)
Grateful (Other Songs)
Hope Waits for Us at Advent (Church Season Music)
In the Breaking of the Bread (Communion Hymns)
Just Such a Time as This (COVID-19 Resources; Other Worship Music #2)
The Light Comes as a Rainbow (LGBTQ+ Music #1)
Love Comes to Us at Christmas (Church Season Music)
Love Her before You Judge Her (Other Songs)
Love, When It Seems that You're Far Away (Other Worship Music #2)
A Mile in Your Shoes (Other Songs)
A Prayer after Jesus (Other Worship Music #2)
Rejoice (Other Songs)
Rest Now, Rest Easy (Other Songs)
Spirit of Community (Other Worship Music #2)
We Will Rest (Other Worship Music #2)
Who Is My Neighbor? (Justice Music)

Other Types of Music
Consider the Lilies (Other Songs; a cross between Klezmer and Broadway)
Everyone is Worthy (Other Worship Music #1; a cappella chant, instruments optional, drumming encouraged)
Hell is a Human Invention (Other Songs; a tango)
Love Had a Dream (Church Season Music; pop meets contemporary classical)
Oh, My Shepherd (Justice Music; contemporary classical)
Vote Your Dream (Justice Music; a cappella chant with parts)