Social and Economic Justice Music

"Deliver Us to Evil" is a play on the request in the Lord's Prayer to "deliver us from evil." This hymn is a prayer that we may be willing to confront and work against evil in all its forms.
"The Difference" is a folk song about being willing to be the one who makes the difference. It was a runner-up in the Renaissance Artists and Writers Association 2017 Songs for Social Change songwriting competition.
"Everything Remains" is a pop-style worship song.
"If the Prophets Lived Today," "Once Jesus Loved a Rich Man," and "Proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord" are economic justice hymns previously published in the hymnal supplement "Sing Justice! Do Justice!"
"Jesus the Essential Worker," written in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, is also included in this section because of its vision of the role we could all have as "essential workers, building up the world we dream." The recording is below; the score is on the COVID-19 resources page.
"Oh, My Shepherd" is a confessional psalm inspired by Psalm 23, written specifically for white people striving to work against white supremacy.
"Vote Your Dream" is an easy-to-learn song/chant about voting our values.
"Who Is My Neighbor?" is inspired by Jesus' question but expands the answer to include, not just all people, but the planet.
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