Ken Janzen, vocals and instruments


Today, we come with heavy hearts
For we have failed to love ourselves
As you have loved us all along.
Where you are gentle, we have been
The harshest judges of our worth,
Convinced our very souls were wrong.
Help us, heal us, Holy One.

Today we come with burdened minds,
Too full of fear that you condemn
A love that takes a different form.
We found a log and called it shame
And set it squarely in our eyes,
And so blocked out your tender warmth.
Touch us, free us, Holy One.

Today we lay our trouble down
And trust that you are greater than
The harm that fear and hate have done.
As we love others, so we now
Commit to love our sacred selves.
Our time of healing is begun.
Lead us, guide us, Holy One.