Recording by WildeP'lay (Donna Wilde and Richard Palalay).


Church is the way we live. Church is the way we care.
Church is open. Church is gathered all the time and everywhere.
Church is the hungry fed. Church is the wounded healed.
In the work we do for justice, in the hope we bring the hopeless,
All the best that church can be is finally revealed.

Church is the time we take tending to those in pain.
Church is joined in holy worship when the bound are free again.
Church is the pained at ease. Church is the peace they find.
In the welcome of the stranger, in the clothing of the naked,
All the best that church can be is burning in our lives.

Church is the choice we make, year into joyous year
As we seek to love and trust, abandoning our hate and fear.
Church is the world restored. Church is the feast begun.
In the tending of our neighbors, in the mending of our planet,
All the best that church can be is shining like the sun.