Recorded by Donna Wilde and Richard Palalay. Inspired by Matthew 5:1-12.


Blest are you, the poor in spirit. Heaven’s joy invites you in.
Blest are you who weep in mourning. Comfort will be yours again.
Blest are you, the self-effacing. Love awaits the kind and meek.
Blest are you who work for justice. You will find the world you seek.

Blest are you who offer mercy. Mercy you’ll receive in kind.
Blest are you, the pure of heart. As God you seek, so God you’ll find.
Blest are you whose lives are peaceful, true descendants of God’s peace.
Blest are you who face injustice. God will grant you hearts of ease.

Even as the prophets labored, living into God’s demands
In the face of royal evil, now the choice is in our hands.
Lies and hatred, greed and cruelty: we respond in faith and trust.
Blest are we who live God’s vision. Now God’s heaven lives in us.