Vocals and instruments by Ken Janzen.


My body is full of delight.
I laugh and I sing and I dance and I play.
I bask in the sun at the dawn of the day.
I hold my beloved at night.

For all of the joy that my senses can know,
For pleasure and passion, the fire aglow,
I lift up my voice in the deepest of praise
For I have been fearfully, wonderfully made.

My body is tender and strong.
I wonder and tremble and struggle with pain.
I work and create, bless the world where I can.
I offer my life’s sacred song.

For all of the gifts that my body can bring,
For all of the places my body has been,
I bow down my head and in gladness I pray
For I have been fearfully, wonderfully made.

Our bodies are objects of hate.
We live with the judgment of those who condemn.
They seek to suppress us and we rise again,
Our beauty increasingly great.

Although we are targets of violence and fear,
We’re free and we’re proud and we won’t disappear.
Though some may reject us, we aren’t afraid
For we have been fearfully, wonderfully made.