1. Christmas Star

David Heitler-Klevans, vocals and instruments


We saw the Christmas star from a hill above our house as Jupiter and Saturn were aligned.
The evening sky was clear. There was nothing in the way. We gazed at it in wonder for awhile.
In that moment of perfection, in that heavenly conjunction, there was wholeness in the darkness of the night
So we stood there in the silence and we offered our thanksgiving for the darkness, for the wonder, for the light.

Back here on planet Earth, things are broken all around from illness and from violence and mistrust.
We cry out in our pain. We are tempted to despair. We ache to build a land that’s kind and just.
How we yearn for that completeness, for the simple holy sweetness
Of a world where right relations are restored
But we fumble and we struggle or it seems like too much trouble and we learn to live with hatred and with war.

The hope that still remains must be in the work we do, in how we face our fear and play our parts.
The gift we each can bring is our passion for shalom, the Christmas star that’s burning in our hearts.
As the days are growing longer, may our need for peace grow stronger.
May it come to birth as day is born from night.
May our bodies, hearts and minds like the planets be aligned till the broken is made whole throughout our lives.