An economic justice hymn; Diana Wooley, vocals; Richard Steinbach, piano


If the prophets lived today, what would their warning be? Recall the path that you were shown! Your passion to consume and own has turned idolatry.

You plunder earth and rob the poor for comfort, greed, and gain. God's gifts were meant for all to share: abundant life in holy care, set free from fear and pain.

But you choose death instead of life. Your vision has been blurred by endless goods in endless stores, by hearts that cast away the poor, by debts that you've incurred.

So those without, who God holds dear, grow poorer every day, while air and water, wood and farm, the whole creation bears the harm of poisoned work and play.

Repent, come give your hearts to God and build a righteous land where all have food and home and love and in this way your worship prove with mind and heart and hand.

Oh, let the prophets live today in all our words and deeds that rich and poor may join as one until God's will is wholly done and all have what they need.