New Materials on the Website

Welcome to my website of free-use, no-licensing progressive religious hymns, worship songs, and rounds. Please feel free to use any material you like! No permission needed, but please consider contacting me if you use the materials so that I can request a recording or video if one is available.

New on the website:

 - Church is the Way We Live (new pop recording and video; Worship Music #1)
 - Come Hope: An Advent Round (score, video; Church Season Music)
 - Equinox (video; Other Songs)
 - For the Harm that We Have Caused: A Confessional Hymn (score; Other Worship Music #1)
 - Grant Us Grace, Oh, Tender Spirit (score; Other Worship Music #1)
 - In Times of Change We Look to You (score, video; Other Worship Music #1)
 - Love the Stranger (video; Other Worship Music #2)
 - Love Will Have the Final Laugh (new video; Church Season Music)
 - Rise Up in Us: An Easter Worship Song (score, choral score, video; Church Season Music)
 - Teacher Jesus, Source of Knowledge (score, video; Other Worship Music #2)
 - We Give Thanks in Hard Times (new video; Other Songs)
 - We Labor in a Garden (score, video; Other Worship Music #2)
 - With What Shall We Approach You? (hymn text, video; Other Worship Music #2)

I have also added an entirely new page, Biblical Sources, that lists music by Biblical references. It will be useful to anyone looking for music pegged to the lectionary or who is otherwise starting with Bible passages and looking for music to go with them.