Ken Janzen, vocals and instruments


Source of all that is beautiful within, around, and among us,
You are the heart of beauty in all.
May the gratitude and joy, the compassion and the love
That you imagine into being infuse our lives every day.

Help us to be the best we can be and help us to help one another
To offer your generosity, to offer your hospitality to ourselves and to each other.

Inspire us to choose the better way, making a world where peace has a say,
Making a world where we choose to resist hatred and violence every day.

Source of all that is beautiful,
Yours is the beauty. Yours is the wonder.
Yours is the power to love and be loved.
Ours is the work to embody your beauty.
Ours is the work to give thanks for the wonder.
Ours is the work to use power for good, power for joy, power for love.
In this work we rest, blessing each other and endlessly blessed.
May it be so this day. May it be so all days.
Amen. Amen.