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  1. For a Faith

Ken Janzen, vocals and instruments


For a faith that invites us to be who we are and to bring what we have to the table,
For a faith that delights in the work that we do and reminds us each day that we’re able
To choose life over death, trust over fear, and love over all that is hateful,
For this faith we’re eternally grateful.

For a yes that is stronger than every last “no” and that calls us without reservation,
For a yes that is yearning for us to be whole and that burns at the core of creation,
In the peace and the hope we’ve come to know, the fullest abundance of treasure.
For this yes we give thanks beyond measure.

For a love that pursues us each day of our lives and that gathers us up like a mother,
For a love that renews us in darkness and light and inspires the depth of our wonder,
That is there in our pain, there in our loss, and there in our healing and mending,
For this love we sing praise never-ending.