Ken Janzen, vocals and all instruments.


Blessed are the poor, the ones who have been humbled.
They will find abundance waiting at the door.
Now they have a place, a place with nothing wanting,
Finally belonging, radiant with grace.
Let us be assured: Love has gone before. Blessed are the poor.

Blessed are the queer for one way or another,
Everybody wonders: Am I welcome here?
Love has saved a seat, a seat before the table
Waiting for the grateful, laden with a feast.
Cast away your fear. Hear if you can hear. Blessed are the queer.

Blessed are we all, no matter love or gender,
Joyfully together answering the call.
All that we’ve become we offer to our neighbors.
Once we all were strangers, Now, we have a home
Where our hearts are whole, where we are consoled. Blessed are we all.