LGBTQ+ Hymns and Worship Songs, Part 1

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"All of Who I Am" is a gentle song about self-acceptance. The video here was developed for a trans pride worship service; a lovely video of a queer choir offering a choral arrangement can be found on the YouTube videos page.
"Call Me by My Name" is a song about affirming ourselves and each other in our full truths.
"The Church Where Love Lives" was written for an inclusion campaign within the United Methodist Church. The score and recording can be found on the "Other Worship Music #1" page.
"Days of Rage and Days of Hope" is a hymn for Pride Sunday or Pride month. A YouTube video of a 1960s-style pop version of the hymn can be found on the YouTube videos page.
"Fearfully, Wonderfully Made" celebrates our embodied lives.
"A Gift for the Altar," an LGBTQ+ church inclusion song, was first published in Shaping Sanctuary in 2000. The recording is available upon request but is not posted here, due to some unintentionally ableist language. No video exists for this song.
"God, the Soaring Eagle" celebrates all the genders and genderlessness of holiness. There are two recordings, one for a more traditional church service and the other for a church service that uses pop music idioms. A pop version can be found on the YouTube videos page.
"Jesus Called Lazarus" is a hymn about coming out into life. No video exists for this hymn.
"The Kin-dom of God is the Queerest of Nations" celebrates Jesus's vision of Love's Domain. The version available here is to the traditional tune Nettleton, but a version exists with original music as well and is available upon request.
"The Light Comes as a Rainbow" offers a queer take on the covenant (Genesis 98-17). A pop version can be found on the YouTube videos page.
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