COVID-19 Resources

I've written several hymns and worship songs specifically in response to the COVID-19 pandemic along with one responsive reading ("Gathered in Masks, Gathered in Love") found on the "Other Materials" page. Right-clink on any button to open the score or recording in a new window or tab.
"All that We Need" is a song of hope about the many good things people are doing during a profoundly challenging time. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Church Is More than Just a Building" and "Church is the Way We Live" are responses to the idea that "church is closed" when we cannot gather for worship. Both lift up an alternate version of church as the work we do in the world. "Church Is More than Just a Building" is to a traditional tune (Hyfrydol) and "Church is the Way We Live" has original music. YouTube videos for Church is More than Just a Building are here and here. YouTube video for Church is the Way We Live is here.
"Jesus, the Essential Worker" is a folk song honoring the many unsung heroes and sheroes of the pandemic and inviting us to be essential workers in our own ways. One of the verses is in Spanish; a translation is included. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Just Such a Time as This" invites us to bring our best selves to the moment before us. A YouTube video can be found here.
"Now Our Voices Join Together" is a hymn text for returning to our sanctuaries after COVID-19. I suggest that it be sung to Nettleton.
"We Are Gathered" (to the tune of Nettleton) was written for use in virtual worship and addresses worshipping while physically separated. YouTube videos can be found here and here.
As with all other materials on this website, these materials are free for use and do not have any licensing restrictions.